Whales and Dolphins Excursions

Visit, watch and photograph groups and families of dolphins and whales in their natural environment. Discover with us one of the natural wonders of the Island of Tenerife.

A magnificent adventure at just one mile of the Puerto Colon port situated in Playa de Las Americas, at the southeast part of the island where you can board alone or in company of your family and friends.

We guarantee 99,9% that you will be able to see the whales on every single trip. The males can measure up to a length 8 meters and the females up to 6 meters.

Catamaran 1

A great catamaran for excursions at Tenerife

For the ultimate in style and comfort, join the elite aboard Europe's most prestigious catamaran. In the luxury lounge bar you can savor a delicious buffet with complementary drinks.

Observe the whales and dolphins from our shaded fly bridge or enjoy the view from the comfortable seats on our spacious deck. Travel in style, travel with this Catamaran!


- 3 hours excursion:
   Adult: 47 € - Child: 23,50 €
- 4,5 hours excursion to Masca
   Adult: 54 € - Child: 27 €
   ==> Includes food & drinks


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Catamaran 2

Nice catamaran for whales watching - Tenerife

For a truly sensational sailing trip, we recommend our brand new boat!

Let our professional crew raise the sails and the wind will do the rest! Sailing up the coast will allow you to take some scenic shots of the island as well as of Mount Teide.

On both boats you visit the whales in their natural habitat before stopping for a refreshing dip in the ocean and you can top up your tan, while relaxing on our spacious sundecks. An exhilarating experience especially for you!

Prices - 3 hours excursion :
   Adult: 41 € - Child: 20,50 €    ==> Includes sandwich and drinks

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Catamaran 3

Have fun watching whales with this boat at Tenerife
Luxury catamaran with underwater viewing and sub-aquatic cameras (images "TV" live), plenty of space between decks, waterfall and stylish bar / lounge art-deco design.

Prices - 4,5 hours excursion to Masca:
   Adult: 52 € - Child: 26 € - 3 hours excursion:
   Adult: 41 € - Child: 20,50 €    ==> Includes food & drinks - 2 hours excursion:
   Adult: 20 € - Child: 10 €

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Asian Saliboat

Asian sailboat excursion at Tenerife

We are pleased to offer you our boats: an Asian Sailboat and a Portuguese Schooner. With them you would be able to enjoy the beauty of the coasts of Tenerife.

In our boats the tourists will enjoy the charm of traditional sailing with the safety and speed that gives the modern engines. We hope to see you on our boats and make your satisfaction.


- Sailboat 5 hours excursion :
   Adult: 49 € - Child: 24,50 €
   ==> Includes food & drinks

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Portuguese Schooner

Portuguese schooner excursions at Tenerife

Offers an upper and lower deck where you can enjoy the natural elements, ideal for relaxing and sunbathing, a lounge for those who like shade, 2 toilets, and dining area and a bar.

You will sail from Los Cristianos, a fishing village, in search of the whales and dolphins that reside in these waters.


- Schooner 3 hours excursion :
   Adult: 39 € - Child: 19,50 €
   ==> Includes drinks

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