Diving / Bob Diving

Are you planning to travel to Tenerife? Then, you may discover and enjoy the fascinating underwater world of the Canary Islands.

Thanks to the "Current of the Canary Islands" the temperature of the water stays all the year between 17° and 23°. The visibility is very good in general, sometimes getting to surpass 30 meters.

The species mainly depend on the time and the type of bottom as well as on the presence of currents. Endemic species exist whose presence talks about to the Canary Islands.

You may visit the Diving Center for traditional Scuba Diving or may be try the BOB Diving. Continue reading and find it out yourself.

Diving Center (Tenerife)

Diving Center - Tenerife

Diving Center

The Dive Center is open from Sunday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. For Saturdays please call to confirm activity.

Very Important:
You need to do the booking at least two days before

- Try Dive => 55 €
   2.5 a 3 hours with a 20" dive (aprox.)

Certified Divers (Prices)
- One dive => 45 €
- Two dives => 80 €
- Three to four dives => 40 € per dive
- Five Dives Package => 175 €

Prices include: :
BCD, regulator, mask, fins, snorkel, weights, tank, boat and guide.

Free pickup:
Can be arranged from Tenerife Sur area with a minimum of a two person or two dives package.

Padi Courses (Prices)
- PADI Scuba Diver
   1 to 2 days => 250 €
- PADI Open Water Cert.
   3 t0 4 days => 400 €
- PADI Advanced Open Water
   2 to 3 days => 300€
- PADI Adventure Diver
   1 to 2 days => 210€
- PADI Emergency First Response
   1 to 2 days => 120€
- PADI Rescue Diver
   3 to 4 days => 400€
PADI: Professional Association of Diving Instructors
O/W: Open Waters

Rates include:
BCD (Bouyancy Compensator Device), regulator, mask, fins, snorkel, weights, tank, guide, free picup, text books with any Contiuous Education Programme. Discounts are given for families becoming certified. DVDs are not incuded in the cost.

Especialities (Prices)
- Deep Dive
   4 dives => 250 €
- Navigation
   3 dives => 200 €
- Boat Diver
   3 dives => 150 €
- Photography
   2 dives => 150 €
- Multilevel
   2 dives => 150 €
- Bouyancy
   2 dives => 150 €

Reserve online now or ask for a budget

Bob Diving

Bob Diving - Tenerife

Bob Diving - Tenerife - 2

B.O.B. stands for Breathing Observation Bubble and is an underwater scooter for individual use.

First there was scuba diving...... and then there was BOB Diving!. All the underwater fun of traditional scuba diving, with much less effort.

Despite looking like something secret agent 007 might use, you don't need to be James Bond to enjoy exploring Tenerife's underwater world. Our modern underwater scooters can be used by anyone.

They are safe, easy and exciting. Safari BOB in Tenerife is the first BOB diving centre in Europe, operating since 1997, so while on holiday on the island, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy a fabulous underwater experience that will be the highlight of your trip.

Important: You don't need any diving experience at all, though you should be in good health, at least 1.55 metres tall and under 74 years of age

Prices Cost per person: 44 € - Includes the boat trip to and from your BOB diving spot.

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